On this job, patio is being extended with out the step down.  This will be filled in with our deck crew.  This will give the owner more table/chair space and the deck steps will be moved.

This is an example of cut coping.  Cut coping is squared off “end zones” of the flagstone.  No small cut in pieces (small wedges, arrow head shaped fill in pieces, etc.) Rock is curved cut to deck foam (will be removed later for deck-o-seal).  This type of rock work is done on all H & H renovations.  On this job,   dark mortar so as not to lighten up to a light gray.  After the mason is finished, a coping clean will be done to remove mortar haze and rock saw dust.  The clean up will pull the colors out and make the site cut flagstone “perk up.”

Other items done:  Tiles in skimmer throats are miter cut to reduce the side of the tile grout joint into the skimmer throat.  (Looks better)

Top view of waterline tile

Brown in (for squaring up), thin set (tile adhesion to brown coat), then set tile, grout in. Tile work was done on day 3.

Day 4

Today we are still cutting flagstone (Oklahoma flagstone) and setting.