After the tile and coping crew is finished, the pool & spa is acid washed to clean up and etch the plaster even more.  After that, a blended bond coat is applied to the cleaned up old plaster finish.  A heavy knap roller is used in this application.  This will leave a rough surface that sticks to the cleaned up old plaster, less any hollow plaster, that would be chipped out and removed.  The new plaster finish will stick to the bond coat.  On this job, anti-leak black fittings will be used (installed by the plaster crew).  Note:  See how the plaster has been chipped out and removed around the light and remaining fittings.  The new plaster will taper up to these fixtures.


On this project, some concrete work will be done by the patio, then a pebble crew will install the interior pool finish.  Since this is a winter project, masonry installations require favorable temperatures for the setting process.  We are having to be picky /choosy on the days we can work in order to get the best results.


Tile:  Noble RF (Rain Forest) 37  (slight upgrade tile)             

Coping:  Oklahoma Flagstone

 Spa riser veneer: stacked/patterned Okla. Chop Stone