Recently Completed Pool Renovation

Day 1 – Demolition – We drain the pool, drill weep holes through the pools gunite shell, remove all the tile, existing rock coping, and glass blocks.

Day 2 – Spa work – Drill and pin spa wall. Form and pour concrete. The spa will have two layers, the lower layer is for the rock cascade and the upper layer will hold the spillway rock and spa side tile.

Day 3 – Tile – We start by water leveling the pool, and setting the “batts”, we then “brown in” the old gunite shell (this levels the tile vertical, and gives the thin set a good surface to create a strong cohesive bond), we then install the tile with thin set and grout the tile joints. Tile job is finished

Day 4 – Coping – We used Oklahoma flagstone cut coping, the cut coping option has squared off sides on the flagstone (no small cut in pieces, small wedges or triangles to fill in). We also used dark mortar so as not to lighten up to a light grey.

Day 5 – Spa work – Veneer work on Spa and Spa spillway are installed.

Day 6 – Entry Steps and bench get rock capped, spa coping is finished. Its starting to look like a pool again.

Day 7 – Decking & Plaster Preparation – The existing patio was too small, so we raised the coping, creating two new steps and filled in the void in the decking. We also prepared the pool shell for plaster by chipping away the old plaster around all the fittings under the tile to allow for a flush finish of the new plaster. We also applied a special bond coat that allows the new finish to adhere to the pool shell.

Day 8 – Interior Pool Finish – On this job we used CL Industries Bay Harbor – Pebble Finish. About an hour of set up (masking and setting up spray hoses for the pebble exposure). The plaster is pumped in from our plaster truck and hard troweled to the pool walls, after some time setting up, the finish is washed with a high pressure misting wand to expose the pebble. The slurry flows down to the main drain where we pump it out to a disposal box. The next day the hardened cement slurry is hauled away.

Day 9 – Acid wash the interior pool finish and begin to fill with water.

Day 10 – Spray Deck Preparation – We power washed the old patio, the old pool decking and the new concrete pour. We then masked off the coping, brick, and landscaping. Once everything was masked off we applied the spray decking base coat.

Day 11 – Finish Spray Deck – Once the base coat was dry, we were able to tape off the tile pattern and apply the texture. After the texture had some time to dry the final seal color was applied. The color on this job was a paint technique using three additional colors beyond the base color. Multiple colors helps hide stains, dog paw prints, etc.

Day 12 – Finishing Touches – Once all the construction is done, we take care of any finishing touches such as clean up, mastic expansion joint between the deck and coping, chemical balance, and final inspection.

For this project we used Noble tile Rain Forest 37 – Terra Blue 6″ X 6″ Tile, Cut Oklahoma Flagstone Coping, Chopped Oklahoma Flagstone Veener, and CL Industries Bay Harbor Pebble Interior Pool Finish.

Before and After